Adalo chat feature

Adalo chat feature does not work.

I’ve recreated all the data collection and functions but the feature does not appear to work even when I test just the clone.

Any advice?

I can assure you it works just fine. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could detail which function is not working for you and provide some screenshots to help us identify the possible cause of the issue.

Hi Colin,

I wish I knew what/where the issue was. Just this morning I also realized that the chat and home screens also had actions which I implemented but I’m yet to see any results.

In the attached you’ll see that a message (conversation) was sent but it vanishes into thin air once the user leaves the screen and there’s no record on the messages (home) screen

This is most likely caused by an incorrect setup. Could you go through the tutorial again and check that each step is infact integrated correctly?

Thanks for getting back to me @Colin but I have since figured it out.


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