In-app Feedback

Hello all,

Is there a way to get in-app feedback that is connected directly to app store reviews?


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Not sure what you mean.

Could you paraphrase or expand your question? Or provide an example.

When you see an app in an app store it has a rating and reviews

When coding you can add functionality that a user can provide a review in the app that gets added to the app store listing directly.

Can you do it with Adalo?

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Yes you can do ist with the component of pragmaflow:

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Have you used this?

There are no docs.

Is it a private library the maintainers have to install?

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You can download the component via the link. I use it myself and it works very well.

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You can install it yourself

i don’t know if you’re serious…

This is what the link takes me to…

This is the instructions asking for my developer token to install for me…

What are the steps that you took to install yourself?

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You need your Developer Code

Step 1: Paste your developer token here

Adalo Access Token (Your Private Developer Code)

and than you can install it


Its serious! Developer are @TKOTC and @Mitch-Pragmaflow &co.

@dominiconorton follow this video made by Steven :



I’ve installed it.

Since I can’t preview what I’ve done. Can you link an app where you’ve used it please so I can see it in production?

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Sorry for the million and one questions, just think this isn’t straight forward. Once I can do it I’ll create documentation for others.

This is what I see in the workspace. I’ve created a feedback link in the menu and linked it to a page that has the component set as true. When I open it in testflight nothing shows

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I would not make an extra page, because the possibility to rate is controlled by Google or Apple. In a certain period of time drin user is asked a maximum of 3 times, so he does not feel harassed.

The component must be set to true before it works.

Also, the function works only if your app is published. So it is in production track. In the testflight this is not shown to you.

The rating is simply faded in, as far as I know it should then be in the foreground.

Another possibility would be that you make two buttons with a link to the store. The users can then rate themselves.

Feel free to ask, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:

The way you did it will run in the production track

Ok sounds like:

  1. Put it on the homepage (it will pop up automatically from Google and Apple)
  2. I have to publish to the publication track before seeing it in effect
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Exactly so :blush: