In app purcahse product id not working

Hi there, I have integrated the iap digital purchase component on my native app, however, I was wondering do we have to connect this with stripe to actually charge the user, because right now if I click on the digital purchase component, it takes me to an error page and user can not be charged, any solution to this problem? thanks!

There are two different IAP components - One, for native apps, that one does not connect to Stripe, it uses the Google play store / Apple app store.

The Stripe IAP component uses the Stripe payment method.

Hi yes thanks for your reply, so I have set up the native one but apple does not approve me saying that it does not work, how should I go about this?

Yeah looks like there is some error they are getting when testing your IAP.

You’re going to have to test in testflight and see what error they are getting and try to fix it.

Ok thanks

If it’s your first time getting an IAP product approved for an app, you need the Apple review team to actually authorize the IAP and approve it before it will work in testing.

So the product itself has to be approved so it can be live.

Sometimes they don’t know to check that it was approved.

The IAP review/approval has to happen outside of your app review, before you submit your app.

So they review the product you are offering separately and then it can be tested in the app review process after that.

It took me about a week of back and forth with the review team to figure out they had missed this step on my app

Hi is this the in-app purchase you talking about? If it is they reviewed with the app they still don’t approve.

If is not in-app purchase should I just contact the review team to approve my iap separately?

Thanks very much!

Yes you should send them a follow up that requests them to review the IAP separately so that it’s able to be tested properly. Then you put the app up for review again assuming all other aspects work (error pages etc)

Ok thanks very much I will check them out!

Hi, they replied with this what should I reply with?

It’s going to depend on your specific build and situation.

My assumption is your IAP is not approved, and so it will not work for the tester.

You have to go through a separate review for the IAP before it will work during the review process for the tester.
You might want to review the different scenarios on the apple forum to get a sense of your specific situation.

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