Apple rejecting my app for in app purchases

Apple has been rejecting my app for having in app purchases. I use stripe payment gates are these not allowed?

Any ideas how to fix.

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In App Purchases are not the Stripe Payment Gateways. In App Purchases would be integrating something like IAP Hub.

Apple force you to use in app purchases (not stripe), which means they get their 30% cut, if it’s in-app purchase for digital goods. If your purchases are for physical goods, you don’t need IAP.

Thank you @alex-hidaku and @theadaloguy I tried setting it up and now it keeps failing to start

any guesses why

Hello, If you’re not using IAP subscription, you can try the (IAP kit) component from the marketplace.

Thank you!

@Ali-Bazzi hi there I am using IAPHUB but its always doing actions triggered when start failed

Hi Eddie, I’ve set up IAPHUB and it took me a few days to get it set up correctly. I used both the Adalo documentation on IAPHUB as well as the IAPHUB documentation. When I didn’t get it to work I sent support at IAPHUB a message and they were very helpful. Based on the explanation of what didn’t go well, they could point me to the area’s I needed to focus on. Besides the IAPHUB set up you’ll also need to configure everything in the App Store connect and Google Play dashboard. Good luck! If you need any help please let me know, and I can have a look at how it’s set up in my app.

Incase some of you are not aware you can apply for the Apple Small Business Program. 30% fees become 15% for the first $1million USD.

Takes a few weeks to be approved so get on it right away. I got approved after about 4 weeks.

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