In-app purchase integration workaround


The app that I am about to release is based on a monthly subscription model.

I just discovered that this is called in-app purchases and that Adalo does not have it yet.

I have discovered several solutions : Revenue Cat, Purchasely … and was wondering if this bits of code could be integrated during the build of the app? Or using and API and if someone has succeeded doing it ?

I also saw a workaround that consists in proposing the app for free on the stores and limiting it for a months to redirect to a website that would have Stripe for subscriptions. However it seems ofter rejected.

Thank you for your help

You will find various answers on the forums if you search for this.

However, in-app payments integrations will soon (coming months) be available within Adalo. It is a project we are currently developing.


Yesss! That’s awesome!

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