In-app purchases not working. App rejected in testflight

We found that your in-app purchase products exhibited one or more bugs which create a poor user experience. Specifically, when we tapped on the in-app purchase products, no payment purchase flow showed up. Please review the details and resources below and complete the next steps.

Review device details:

- Device type: iPad

- OS version: iOS 16.3

Next Steps

When validating receipts on your server, your server needs to be able to handle a production-signed app getting its receipts from Apple’s test environment. The recommended approach is for your production server to always validate receipts against the production App Store first. If validation fails with the error code “Sandbox receipt used in production,” you should validate against the test environment instead.

It seems like there’s a chicken and egg problem. Apple won’t “activate” in-app purchases for non-accepted in-app purchases, but we can’t test because in-app purchases are not active. It seems like many people are stuck on this issue and your documentation is not complete. I have followed this guide: Digital Purchases for In-App Purchases - Adalo Resources

It’s very frustrating to see that many people have the same question and the forum posts go without a solution. Can we finally get this working for the community once and for all???

Hi @dgarnett,

This post might be helpful in understanding.

This does not address the “I clicked the IAP button and nothing happened” issue that Apple describes. There’s almost zero information or documentation on how to make this all work. I am using 1-time consumable IAP. This wasn’t denied because the user is consfused as to what he gets, it was denied because when the button is pressed it doesn’t do anything or bring up the payment flow on the iPhone. I have correctly configured the product IDs in AppStore connect and have used the Apple generated IDs in the field in adalo. Outside of that there is zero information from adalo on what else needs to be done. Any help would be appreciated.

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