Apple subscriptions

As I understand it, you can’t create a subscription app with native apple and google play. Is that right? Is it only set up for one time purchases for now? Any idea on when subscriptions will be ready to go? I’m not talking about through Stripe. I’m talking about the native pay functions.


Currently, you can do a one time payment

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hey @jgallegos we are working on subscriptions right now. It will be added as an update to the IAP component :slight_smile:

I can’t promise an exact date but it’ll be as soon as possible!

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Thanks @yelkhayami! I am trying to submit an IAP to the ios app connect and keep getting the following error. Any ideas why?

When validating receipts on your server, your server needs to be able to handle a production-signed app getting its receipts from Apple’s test environment. The recommended approach is for your production server to always validate receipts against the production App Store first. If validation fails with the error code “Sandbox receipt used in production,” you should validate against the test environment instead.

@jgallegos where do you see this message exactly? From the review?

Yes, when I submitted app for review it’s rejected by the App Store and that’s the reason they gave.

What is the IAP type you created in app store connect? is it a consumable or non consumable?

also, did you test your build on testflight before submitting for review? i think they only give that message when there is a bug and the reviewer can’t complete the payment.

I set it up as consumable. I did not test it on testflight though. I just submitted it without testflight testing. Yeah, I don’t think the reviewer can complete the payment. That’s what I’m trying to figure out why.

right, the easiest way is to test it yourself (or add someone you know with an iphone to appstore connect testers) to test it for you. The component returns an error code magic text in the error action, that should give you some more information about what is going wrong.

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