In-app reporting with user-entered data

Hi. My question is a follow-up on this now closed forum topic.

Is there a way to use a dropdown field to choose both relative (e.g. today, yesterday, last week) and actual dates in order to filter a page that is created using the “count” feature mentioned in the closed topic’s answer? Is there an alternate method you’d recommend?

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In the component marketplace there is one called “Multi select dropdown”. This sounds like it would be a perfect fit.

Thanks. After re-thinking my request, I may not need the multi-select dropdown after all. Still playing around. I’ll keep you posted.

I do need to figure out exactly how to surface data in the way you describe on that other post when the data is to be filtered by a selection of a dropdown menu item.

@Colin do you have any thoughts on this? I believe I’m asking how a dropdown could affect Magic Text values on a page. I’d like the values to be filtered by the dropdown.

Thank you.

In another post you mention that you cannot use multiselect dropdown to filter a list. Since I believe that is still true, can you explain why you were suggesting it here. I wonder what I’m missing. Thank you!

Perhaps I misunderstood your question.

Can you post a detailed example of what you wish to accomplish so that I may give a more accurate solution.

Thank you. Here you go:

  1. Will multiselect dropdown filter a list? And if so, how?
  2. The goal is a reporting page where the magic text data is updated by a dropdown list. The ideal set-up would allow the user to either select from a dropdown OR select from date range dropdowns.

I believe this tutorial is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

While that is a good tutorial, and I appreciate your help, I’m not sure you’ve addressed my questions. Would you please address the two questions? The first relates to functionality of a multiselect dropdown. The second is a discussion about whether a list can be be filtered by more than 1 dropdown.
Thank you Colin.

  1. No it won’t. As it does not pass on the information to the next screen and is used primarily for CRUD of a record.

  2. That tutorial linked should answer this one. Do NOTE though that filter operators currently only work on the “AND” operator and there is no option for “OR” but this can mostly be worked around by using visibility conditions.

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