Multiselect dropdown's Document

Could you please tell me The Place of Documentation how to use the Multiselect dropdown in EXPLORE MARKET PLACE ?

For example, once the list is selected, it is not changed, or
Do you need any action to update the list? I do not understand the

Ever time item is Selected How To

I didn’t even know if I should contact the producer’s page.

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Can you explain how you want to use this component so that I may suggest how you can do that.

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Combining Multiselect dropdown & DropDown
I’d like to filter it out.

①Multiselect dropdown – Trip name
ex . Japan, Hawaii, China and Canada.
②DropDown – Class choise
ex.Economy,Business,First Class

In combination with.
I want the target list to appear on the screen.

However, in that case
When I filter the list, the form “Input” and “Select” appear as options, but the “DropDown” option doesn’t show up.

Unfortunately you not able to filter a list based on this multiselect dropdown component as its current use case is limited to only creating actions from the select and deselect events.


Thank you for your very kind answer!
Thank you so much for your response.

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