Inadequate display of the page in the preview

I ran into an issue where objects set correctly in the constructor fall apart when viewed. An example of what is happening in the attached screenshots
What could be the reason for this and how to avoid it in the future? Thanks in advance

Hi @paulman,

Did you try grouping the inputs and putting a rectangle behind that group? Or grouping the left side inputs and put a rectangle behind that group and grouping the right side inputs and put a rectangle behind that group too?

Thank you

Hey there @paulman

Exactly what @dilon_perera stated. I’m replying simply to compliment @dilon_perera’s response with a visual.

Place rectangles behind the inputs and then group them together, like this:
You’ll have 2 groups as a result and they will stay locked in place because of the rectangle’s placement.

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Thanks Flawless! :muscle: Awesome!

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I took the screenshot and edited it before I saw your reply :laughing: Just figured I might as well post it anyways.

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