Adalo UI is always messed up

Whenever I design something in adalo the UI shows all messed up. I can’t figure out why. Everything here is supposed to be visible and properly grouped and separated as you can see in the first image. After I preview, everything gets smushed together.

Hi @trble

Use rectangles in the background & group them.


To what @ishantanusrivastava said, I would add to check the styles of the elements and ensure you have the correct selection for each of them.

Having some with “Top”, others with “None” or others with “Bottom” will definitely cause a mess when previewing.

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I think using the rectangle will work but now that I put the rectangle over it. The rectangle seems to be on top and I can’t click anything else to group them together.

Make the rectangle arrangement to Send Backward. ( Click three dots in the rectangle and go to arrange and select Send Backward )

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I had no idea about arrangement. thank you guys. thank you!


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