Incremental add to a SUM of a number Property in Collection DB

Hi! I’m trying to add “2” additional points to number field as part of an Update action to a DB Collection. I’m using a button to add 2 points to the current SUM on each click. I feel like I’m specifying the correct field and row but the “+2” only seems to is add 1 to the current SUM.

Any suggestions? TIA!

Hi Tia,

Have you checked to see if the button has another action working against the action you have shown us? What you have shown looks to be correct.


Hi! Thanks for confirming. There are no other actions conflicting with this. I did a hard refresh with the browser and created a new screen and now it’s working. Think there’s a cache bug with the previewer or in the Linked Data available to a screen when making changes. Literally copied the same button but just on a new screen and it worked!!