Insert Image into Shape (Hexagon)

Hello, how would I go about adding a client’s profile picture to a specific shape? For example, if I wanted all user profile images to be a Hexagon, how would I go about doing so?

Thats not possible i think.
But you can do a circle by just editing the Image component and pressing “EDIT STYLES” and then turning the Rounding to the max. Then you need to scale it so that it perfectly looks like a circle.

@canel, thanks for the response! I’m familiar with how to do a square and a circle, but am looking more so into additional shapes. I appreciate your reply!

Hey long Shot, but you could try put an image in the background and in the foreground use the Vector Tool. You can tap the “V” key to go into adding a vector mode. Never tried it but the vector tool is free form Shapes so may work… not sure about it’s responsiveness though on different screens.

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