Icon overlaid onto an image causes styling issues... HELP!

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to solve an incredibly annoying issue :disappointed:

I have created a verification system for my users, and I currently like the verification icon to be placed over the corner of the profile picture for the user, HOWEVER, after doing so it has caused a bug that warps the image of the profile picture if the verification icon isn’t there.

So all of my verified users have nice round profile images, and all the non verified users will have warped/cropped looking profile images.

I know it has something to do with the icon because once I remove the icon, all the profile images are back to being circular.

Anyone able to help me?

how about placing another icon for non verified user ?

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I didn’t even think of that!

What I ended up doing is duplicating the current icon and making it transparent (set the alpha to 00) and had it show if the user wasn’t verified.

Thank you! - I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that… however, I’ll always remember it now lol

glad it helped - still you might post it as a bug if you think it could be