Instacart shedulling

Hello fellow adalians,

i need some of your expertise

i developt on adalo a platform for order food, but instead of beeing a GIG , i have my own workers,
but this have a problem, the WAGES ( :smile: ) .

Anyway, i want to have a shedule like instacart, the client choose a window, and i cant put diferent prices on diferente windows.

1pm 1h30pm 2pm etc
€€ €€€ €€
but this should be able to go on for all week days for the case that the client want to order something to 5 days from now or so.

I bet you know instacart we dont have that in Portugal, but i think this will help me organize all the work and optimize price and sales.

can you help ?


There are a few ways you could achieve this. You could use conditional visibility on a component (text price for example) that shows a different value depending on the time of the day.


You could make a collection for “times of the day” and for “wages” and have a relationship between the 2.

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