Weekday forms, and custom submissions, HELP!

Hey guys, I am fairly new here and to the tool. I do have a pretty good grasp of it with basic app functionalities. However, I do have some things I am working on that could use an assist. Allow me to explain…

I have a project I am working on now where I need to show and hide a button that is only visible for a certain window. The window is from Sunday at noon(12 pm) until Tuesday at noon(12 pm). Now here is the second part, at this point I need to allow the user to submit a small form, it simply has one dropdown tied to another collection called, times. These times look like this, 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm, and that’s it. Each user is allowed to all one, two, or even all three of these, to each day of the following week, (i.g., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc…), until Sunday again.

Then it starts all over with the window, again for the following week.

I was able to fulfill the logic in Glide, however, the design aspect is limiting as the client want’s an actual calendar. I have developed my own calendar component internally (Private) to accomplish viewing a custom list of events, instead of having to view them in a forced agenda view.

I just need some help, and to be pointed in the right direction, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the community & Adalo!

I’d start with this post (and the responses) and see if it solves your problem. There are a lot of posts on the forum about how time works in Adalo (UNIX timestamp) and filtering based on times.

@Erik I am still missing something…

Hi @FiniDev ,

Your issue is tough, but since you have make your own component for calendar, you can build your own calendar collection too.

The problem lies in conversion day of the week to the date, there is no function available to do that, so we must create it our own.

If I were you, create date day of week collection that starts from certain dates, manually first, then think about it later for automation, because it will drain our brain to check againts number of days for every months including every 4 years the february has less 1 day.

After cooking the conversion collection, compare start of the day with this conversion, if it is sunday, monday or tuesday, checking time can be done with formula, no need conversion collection.

For dropdown, need collection of selecting time, which currently have 4 records.

Having week collection is also useful, to mark what has been done and aim the users to the following weeks.

That’s what I can contribute now.

Thank you for this guidance @Yongki

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