Install PragmaFlow and have a error


i want to add inapp feedback my project and i have a access token.
i paste to Adalo Access Token
but i have a error
error mesage is “Installation Failed, possibly wrong token, or you already installed it”
can you help me please
thank you

Hi @ali,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Yeah, there’s a issue with that and Pragmaflow team is aware of that and trying to fix it! But not sure a date. ( @Mitch-Pragmaflow :upside_down_face: )

But for now you can download it like this : Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end - #48 by James_App_Maker ( thanks James )

If you are unable to do that send me a personal message and I’ll add that specific component you need to your team!

Thank you


thanks @dilon_perera

minor correction: it’s incredibly unlikely that we will fix it. Please assume we won’t.
Manual install will be the way forward.

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Hi @dilon_perera,
thank you for answer but i cant do this link “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end - #48 by James_App_Maker” and i cant send you personal message, i cant find personel message button :slight_smile:
I need to In-store Review and IAPHUB component and you will add to my team.

Thank you for help. :pray:
I am much obliged. :pray:

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That is terribly unfortunate. I’ve always been a big supporter of PragmaFlow components, I even include some in the templates that I sell.

This has made it difficult for me to provide support for my customers that purchase templates that use Pragmaflow components.

So I guess from here on out, I’ll stop using the PragmaFlow components :frowning: Sad to lose such a great development team and such wonderful components.


There are reasons that Pragmaflow drew a line in the sand with Adalo and I fully respect them for that.

With any component, it is a risk you take that support won’t be there in the future. It even happens with paid components from the official Adalo marketplace, there is very little recourse for you if the developer has lost interest or simply moved on.

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I understand also, just sucks to rely on such powerful components only to find out that the developers don’t want to work with Adalo anymore. And trust me, I get it, the love/hate relationships for Adalo have become extremely common.

^ This is just bad business though. If Adalo is selling things in their marketplace, they SHOULD provide a guarantee and support for them. Paid components (and even free components) in the marketplace have caused a few of my apps to crash and it’s not always easy to get support from 3rd-party developers.

Adalo’s response be like: Sorry, we can’t help you, reach out to the developer of the component

It’s just not good business practice to sell things and not offer a guarantee or support for them when they break.

This, of course, has nothing to do with PragmaFlow since their components are open-source.

Yep, so true. As you say, Pragmaflow is all opensource, which is incredible. So if anybody really wants their toys, then get a developer to pick up their code and implement / debug it. It will be fixed in no time I’m sure.

The Adalo Marketplace concept is broken. And there was such fanfare about it.
Adalo takes their commission then refuses to deal with the customer or developer if there is a problem.

Developer blames Adalo ---- Adalo blames developer

Adalo continues to list the component for sale.

Outcome = Me out of pocket with a bust component, no route for refund, can’t leave a -ve review.

We all know how easy it is to build in a review system, we do that stuff in minutes with our Adalo apps.

Meanwhile developers are waiting months for their components to get reviewed for the Adalo Marketplace. Where’s the motivation to not side load?

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^ Bingo. That’s what Steven from Pragmaflow had told me. “Adalo probably changed something” was his response.

It’s clear that Adalo’s component marketplace concept needs refinement.

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problem is solved, thank you.