PragmaFlow installation keeps failing

PragmaFlow installation keeps failing

I have put in the API key properly and it says failed.

hi where are you using api key? on pragmaflow? if yes, you have to stop, cause pragmaflow need access token and not api keys

Yes I generated an access token and it doesnt work. I even regenerated several times. I am doing exactly as the video shows.

Okay! I understand, I would tell you to contact them, but it seems that they abondoned the project at once…

Yea I did contact them… no response.

In respect to Pragmaflow, they have stated they wouldn’t support their Adalo components any longer, but would keep it open source for anybody to improve their components. It’s not that they are ignoring you, they have drawn a line in the sand with Adalo.

Hi @trble,

Is it possible to share a screenshot of the error that you see?

Thank you

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