Integrate large learning model in app

Hello all!

I’m currently working on an app that will make product recommendations to users based on both their input and the output of a large language model that I have extended with data from my own dataset. Do you guys know if it is possible to embed such a model in an app that is built with Adalo?
I do know that there’s an option to integrate ChatGPT with an API call, but this is slightly different since I am using a model that I trained and would like to incorporate into the app.

Many thanks in advance!

You would set up API endpoints for your own model, then connect to the app using those.

One of the easier ways if your model is developed in code, and taking a NoCode route (I’m a no coder) is to load your model up onto Huggingface or Replicate. These services means you can run your model as a designated API accessing high end computing to run the most complex of models in a scalable way. Personally I use it for my App EZAi which uses GPT 4.

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