Integrating a search function that uses image recognition in adalo


I’m building a somewhat Vivino clone but then for books and want to integrate a search option where users can scan the cover of a book and it will retrieve information from a database regarding this book, is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done a bit of research and I think Google Cloud Vision API could be useful for this.
I may even make a prototype later to test what’s possible.

Can you integrate that into adalo?

You can leverage OpenAi’s GPT4 for this too.

Hello, yes it’s possible if you’re using a third party API that provide this feature.

Thank you!

how would you integrate that into Adalo, I don’t see where I can connect a third party api into a scan function

@alex-hidaku Do you have any steps on how to implement this using OpenAi?

@Ali-Bazzi Do you have any thirdparty apps you recommend that can do such a thing, but then with Adalo?

You guys could use the Open AI Vision API to get the book’s name and then you guys can store that name in a input or in a property and filter the books list returned from google from that name.

Open AI :

Google Books :

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where did you add the api connection between adalo and openai? Like how does this give it access to the camera

You can create a custom action like above and then add a image picker in to the screen and add a button and in the button add the custom action and for the image url add image picker>url from magic text and store the return value from the custom action with another action after that action in a user property or in a input and link it to the next screen and filter the list returning the records from google with that stored value.

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Any chance you have time for a video call to help me implement this?

This has been solved by the amazing @dilon_perera Thanks :slight_smile:

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