Adalo and Google Firebase Machine Learning

Im trying to build a cashback like app. So I wanted to use the Google Firebase Image to text API to convert the images submitted in my app to text. Here is the link for its reference:

Can I do this with Adalo?

Hi @pbhirud,

I don’t think it is possible to integrate ML Kit SDK into Adalo app… not sure even if this could be done using custom components.

I guess the CloudVision API could be used instead: Detectar texto em imagens  |  API Cloud Vision  |  Google Cloud

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for the reply! Can you please guide me how to implement the Cloudvision API (Text extract from images) in the app?

Hi @pbhirud,

Well, from my point of view this is not something which could be quickly explained in a forum post :slight_smile:
If you’d like to build an app which uses external API, I’d recommend learning how to integrate APIs in Adalo here (start with Integrations Integrations - Adalo Resources), then you need to examine Google’s documentation reg. CloudVision. You might need to use some 3rd party tools like Integromat or other (as I can see image should be Base64 encoded).

Also you can search for some educational videos on YouTube. For example, here is the video by @theadaloguy when CloudVision is used to identify unsafe content:

There might be some other videos which could be useful as well (I remember something about car licence plates recognition).

As a side note: I’m not sure what you will do with the resulting text from the images. Getting text is just one part, the next step would be to put the words into the right places, which is a completely different story (for instance, Cheque recognition may require some specifically trained ML neural networks).

Best regards, Victor.


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