Integromat (Make) Integration

I have connected with Integromat (Make) and created a scenario that Integromat would watch for an Updated record in a certain collection. So when I make change to this record, I see the Updated date/time is updated, but do not see anything happening in Integromat. If I click on Run Once, it runs and pulls back the correct record information.

Why won’t it Watch for the record update and then pull the record back?

Do I need to be on a paid Adalo subscription. I still have 13 days left on my Free Starter subscription.

Hi @markhawley,

So you mean once you update a record in Adalo and the the scenario you setuped in Intergromat ( Make ) is not running and if you click Run Once then it’s running?

If it is did you turned on this switch for run the scenario automatically?

Thank you

The only way I can receive the record is to toggle that switch you circled above. If I do not, nothing happens. I have to toggle off and then on and then I get the history. Is it happening but does not automatically list it in history?

I have to deactivate and then activate the scenario to get the history record.

That toggle button seems to turn scheduling on and off. I am not scheduling. I am having Integromat watch a certain record to see if it updates. That is the trigger.

But it is not working.

Hey there! :wave:

The toggle button is a handy tool that allows you to turn your scenario on or off as needed. If you want to test out your scenario without it running continuously, you can use the “run once” option to give it a quick test.

And just a reminder - when you say you are “watching a record,” it means that you are setting up a webhook that will trigger the next steps in your scenario when certain conditions are met.

If you’re having trouble with your scenario, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Always happy to lend a hand! :smile:


Hey @markhawley,

This question requires several answers :slight_smile:

  1. Make uses Adalo Collections API to integrate with Adalo. Collections API is available starting from Professional plan: Plans & Pricing | Adalo
    Not sure it is available on your plan.

  2. “Adalo Watch Records” module in Make is not triggered immediately when the record is added or updated. It “scans” Adalo collection and looks for changes by schedule - within certain time period which you can set (e.g. each 15 minutes). So it is not a webhook like it was mentioned before.

  3. If you would like to have an info about new record processed immediately, you need to set up 2-sided scenario: webhook in Make (like in screenshot by @dilon_perera) and a custom action in Adalo, which calls this webhook and passes record ID to Make.

Hope this helps.


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