Adalo & Make Integration Error

Hi all,

I’m 90% of the way, you can help me with the last 10% please?

I want to automatically trigger a scenario in Make that extracts the text from an image and then summarizes it, then updates the record.

I am able to do this successfully using the “Watch Record” module but this can only occur every 15 minutes.

To trigger immediately I have to use the custom webhook module.

Using a custom action I successfully get a response from my custom webhook but it does not update my Adalo record. I believe it is because it doesn’t recognize the “Record ID” of which I created a column in my collection for “Record ID” that increments by 1 for every new item.

In the Webhook logs, it is executing successfully.

In the scenario logs, it is executing successfully.

When I check my Adalo DB, The record is not updated.

Any idea what I’m overlooking? @Victor


Hey @dominiconorton,

Most probably you’ve set up something incorrectly in your Make scenario. Check Input and Output info in Adalo Update Record module - you can see what is being sent to Adalo and what is the reply (as I remember, as a reply after record update Adalo should return a record with the updated info).

Also, don’t confuse manually created record ID and built-in record ID. You need to use internal Adalo record ID as an ID for update (not yours record ID).