Integromat/Make update not working for arrays

Hi there, I’ve noticed recently that update in DB made from Integromat/Make on fields that are arrays (relationship to another collection) are not working anymore. It used to few days/weeks ago and I didn’t change anything so can it be a regression ?

For example my user can be subscribed to multiple subscriptions (which is a collection) so in my User collection I have a field that lists all the ongoing subscription but for some reason the update from Make/Integromat is not working anymore which is a total blocker for me

Has anyone noticed the same thing in their project ?


Hey @DoubleJack,

Doesn’t work for me as well in M2M relationships. :frowning:
Still works in 1:M.


Hi @Victor ,

Did it use to work for you before ? or has it always been like that ?


Hey @DoubleJack,

It worked before for sure.


I’ve submitted a support ticket for this issue, just in case.

Yeah so did I, they told me they were aware of the problem but they had no idea when it was going to be fixed though :confused:
I’m almost glad my app isn’t live yet otherwise this would have been a big blocker for me

Upd: I’ve received an info from Adalo that it should be fixed now.

I saw in YouTube an advise to replace “Adalo” element in Make to “Webhook”. But I did not save the link. You can search it for sure.

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