Pulling Data from Adalo Database Array Field in Custom Action

I have a database with a field that has a many to many relationship with another field. My understanding based on their API docs is that Adalo stores this as an array.

I am writing a custom action that will update Airtable with the content from that field (i.e. a multi-select field in Airtable). Airtable recognizes that anything that comes in with a “,” gets added as a new item.

However, I am struggling on the Adalo side to tell Adalo to send the array over. Since it’s a many to many relationship, I only get the option to select “Count”

Any workarounds here?

Hi @bmceuen,

Not sure it is possible in Adalo alone. Did you try to use external services like Integromat for that? I haven’t experimented with M2M relationships, but for 1:M Integromat definitely gets the array of element IDs and this array can be processed later.

Best regards, Victor.

I’ve used Integromat in the past. I was hoping to find something else to avoid the 15 minute update window (or 5 or even 1 minute)

Thanks for your help!

Hi @bmceuen,

Well you can try to use Custom Action triggering Webhook on Integromat side - this action is instant.

E.g. when you want to update DB - call Webhook, Integromat scenario will run through Adalo DB and put everything to Airtable. Shouldn’t take a lot of time.


Oh good call. Do you know how I would pass information that I believe is stored as an array in adalo in the web hook?