Introducing BLUCAR

Hi! I launched a few months ago Blucar, and after multiple improvements I decided to share it with the Adalo community. This application allows you to enter the car documents of your vehicle and you will receive a notification before they expire.

The application is in my language, and is adapted to my country. (Romania)

For iOS it is not available in all countries.

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Great app! :clap:

The UI is very clean and simple, you know, it’s not crowded. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. And users are delighted with the application. We are currently working on larger projects on the Adalo platform.

That’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about making your app, feel free to ask in the community, everyone is going to be glad to help you. :wink:

Very pretty app! Are you using Poppins font only?
Is there any issues / challenges you encounter when making the app?

Hello! As a font, in my applications I use poppins or Montserrat. In creating the application we encountered many visual problems (components that are placed incorrectly on the page), there are a lot of bugs on the Adalo platform that prevent you from creating professional applications, but we are glad that we have at least the chance to create and build our applications. with what tools we have at our disposal. I’ve been getting low reviews lately because of the Google Sign In component that hasn’t worked for a while.

Looks amazing. How did you realize the white “choose photo” part of one of your Screenshots? Is this so e sortiert of a white file picker?

Hi! There is an Adalo “form” there, I set the colors in the “Edit Style” section

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Haha ok thats simple :smiley: I don’t use the Form very often as I build my own forms as the offer me more flexibility but in this case - thanks!!! That opens many new interesting UI opportunities :slight_smile:

Hello Alex,

How did you get the expiry date to work. I am also building an app that uses a visual element that shows when a certificate is valid, or expired. But I can not get this working when the expiry date is on the current date. The visual element doesn’t show up. Maybe you can let me know what you do to show expired or valid based on an expiry date.


Hi! We set the visual element to be visible if the “expiration date” is before the current time.

Hi Alex, do you have an example to share with me?

What I have happen is if the expiry date falls on the day it is going to expire then the text doesn’t show anything. Do you also have the same problem?