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Hello, I have a question, we are putting together a car rental app (like 80 cars), the user can enter the calendar and see the available cars per day, enter the list, and make the reservation of that car and must put how many days or until what day, that way the system will have to tell you that that date is or is not available and makes a total of days * price … and when the reservation is generated, those days that I reserve are as unavailable …

I’m stuck on the end date part … any idea or any component that simplifies this work for me?


I imagine it could be done. However, it’s beyond my level. Hopefully, someone can help you with that. Generally speaking, I think the calendar, dates, and time elements on Adalo are important for many apps and should be improved before many things on their to-do list. My guess, is that Adalo is working on this.

If I were you, I would do part of this by hand, on the back-end, by having a direct and quick way for users to contact you. Perhaps by chat. Let your users select a car and date(s) - then you can confirm availability. Then, update your available list of cars, manually. No, this doesn’t scale. But, it gets you going, and allows you to connect directly with users in a natural way. --Perhaps offering a “discount” will motivate them to initiate a chat with you.

Alternatively, you could hire an expert for consultation. and pay them IF they can build it. Be super super clear on your spec/ expectations before you hire them. Good luck!


It is good but it does not serve us that way since the cars are for multiple users, and must be automated, it generates the reservation, the system makes it no longer available (I do that with a true / false) and it removes it from the list, but the problem It is when they want to mark several days, imagine 80 cars, creating 30 tickets (1 x day) is crazy, there must be a simpler way, that how much you load the car tells you, that you say are the available ones … there brands in the calendar, that already appears and is visible to users, and as they are reserving it is eliminated

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So this reservation for the car should be made everyday for each day by looking at calendar or the calendar is just a tool to pick a date ?

If you are willing to explore this possibility with me as paid service, we can arrange some preliminary requirements that will clarify your intentions and hopes.

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