Introducing BodiGuard - a super app for Security Services

Hello Fellow Adalo Developer,

We are finally in Beta and I would appreciate you guys and gals testing out my BodiGuard app and provide any feedback prior to submitting to App Store and Google Play for publication in their respective stores.

Here’s a public link to our beta app: Join the BodiGuard beta - TestFlight - Apple

Use Los Angeles in Your Signup:
Due to our app being location-based, when you sign up, for the sake of testing, please input your city as Los Angeles in order for BodiGuard Profiles to show up on your end. If you put your actual address it will show as a blank list which would defeat the purpose of testing. In our live version, we will most likely have bodyguards that are in your town or near your city.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in providing feedback.

Sinakhone Keodara


Guys! I’m looking for actual feedback. Likes and hearts is appreciated but it’s not really helping me. :slight_smile:

there are some loop where you can’t exit.
When you try to make a “check avalability” from a bodyguard profile and press back and again back, you have a loop.
You go to colendar and profile and calendare and so on.
When you try to check a date, the app show you a map to search the address.
In that screen you can’t exit and the search doesn’t work.


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Thanks for the feedback. I sent your notes to my app developer. Much appreciated.

I just tested your app and looks great. I only had a problem during signup, it showed an error, but login with the same credential works so the signup actually works.
There is a “Loop” action due to the back button not bringing you in the Home page, see the GIF

Anyway, good job !

Thanks for your feedback. My team are working to fix the looping error. But what kind of error are you getting during signup? Care to elaborate? I hadn’t gotten any errors during signup.