WARNING: APPs disappear.....Anyone else?

Have been working on an app for the last 2 months, next thing I know my app had disappeared. Customer service is non existent, replying days after without solutions, multiple threads. Very scary to ponder building long term with them. Sad because they have a good concept, it feels like someone had a great idea but very unstable.

Anyone else with this issue?

Upvote this idea I created: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/ability-to-backup-app

This sort of thing should NEVER happen in development. We have almost 8 months of work at risk of being lost to someone accidentally clicking the wrong button. It is WAY too easy to just delete a colossal project that someone has been working on with zero way to back it up.

Agreed this is ridiculous. I’m working with AppGyver currently to see if it’s a better solution. Hopefully adalo gets their stuff straight because they have so much potential with bad leadership.

I absolutely love Adalo and what they are building, but there are some critical issues that need to be addressed to be viable for what will effectively be lifetime customers. If they can fix issues like this and the compiler, they’ll basically have a lifetime revenue stream from me because this is exactly what I need to run my business.


The short-term fix for this is copying your app every time you do a major update


Hi @HaloCorp,

I have opened the ticket in our system and I can see it is still in progress on our side. As soon as the team comes online I will make them aware of this issue and try to resolve it ASAP.

I can only apologise for the experience you’ve had recently, we care tremendously about each client and their success with the platform. I hope this experience doesn’t turn you away.


This issue has been resolved. No apps were lost, they were always within the Adalo database and in the users account. We appreciate your patience as we gathered in correct information since we had not experienced this specific issue before.


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