Introducing weekly: mindful social media

Hello Adalo!

I’d like to invite you all to beta test my first Adalo project: weekly, a mindful social media app. Share weekly reflections on the important things in your life with the people you love most.

Click the image below to download the weekly app!
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 1.01.57 AM

Visit the weekly website
Download the weekly Adalo app

If Christmas cards came more than once a year…
:relieved: Built to be manageable – read in a morning; only one post, per person, per week
:massage_man:t2: Grounded in mindfulness – no judgement, no likes, no comments, just friends reaching out
:sparkles: Focused on the people you love – see WHO posted, not WHAT was posted
👯‍♀️ Made with privacy in mind – no searching our users; add friends via your private passphrase

Why I built it
My friends have given up on social media… and if I’m being honest I have too – at least as far as posting. Whether it is the superficiality, the pressure to create high-quality content, the ephemeral demandingness, the privacy violations, or any number of other concerns, my friends and I just don’t seem comfortable in sharing our lives this way. It all makes sense, but ironically, in a world so heavily connected, it often means I find it difficult to keep up with friends.

So, I set out to build a tool to help us keep in touch that avoided these pitfalls. Initially, I thought I’d keep it simple with an email tool – but, as any sales professional can attest, getting a reply is harder than you might think. That’s when I stumbled upon Adalo, and realized that an app with scheduled notifications, might be the perfect solution. With the help of my friends, we built an app that removed the stuff that we didn’t like – the things that cheapened our friendships and made us feel like we couldn’t be ourselves. And, weekly is what we were left with.

Features of the current app

  • Write and edit your reflection throughout the week; ready-to-share reflections are automatic shared on Saturday morning via Integromat
  • View your friends’ current and previous reflections and track posts read & unread
  • Add and remove friends via API autogenerated pass-phrases
  • Bookmark and save quotes and friends’ reflections for the future
  • Text, call, and email friends directly using the “my community” always up-to-date contact list
  • Keep track of your life journey with your personalized weekly journal – make private if you choose

What’s next?
On a technical level, following the beta test, I plan to identify and fix existing bugs, implement push notifications & scheduled notification (hopefully via Adastacks), and push to Test Flight for iOS and Google Play Dev Console for the next round of beta testing.

In terms of features, my plan is to get a sense from users about how they’re using the app and then move forward from there. At the moment though, l’m confident (with our current knowledge) that we could add social mindfulness features (e.g., breathing exercises, guided meditations, curated reading content) and/or tools users could use to learn more about themselves from their posts, such as text-based personality analysis or time-based sentiment tracking. It all just depends on how users decide to use the tool – Adalo is pretty incredible!

I have really appreciated all of the advice and personal help from everyone on the forums and on YouTube. @Victor, @pfordmedia, @karimoo, @theadaloguy, @montetennis, @grid7, @Erik, @Colin, @Ben and so many more – you are all beyond impressive. Truly outstanding problem solvers! If y’all can do the things you can with the current tools, I can’t wait to see what you think up once Adalo has finished putting that new $8M to work! Thanks again for all of your help throughout this first version and first project.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on weekly!

For more information, check out our website built with Umso – a prettier URL coming soon:


Yo, i tested your web app and I’m in love with its design! Is really well made :+1:
What about publishing an apk ?


Great job, Cory! The UI is very minimal and clean! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for checking out weekly, @Eugen! Glad to hear you like the design and found it well made.

I’ll probably have the apk / ipa published in the next couple of weeks. I’m not all that familiar with how the App Store / Google Play Store process works, so I was thinking I would first get the beta tester feedback and make my next round of edits before submitting.

Let me know if you think I should be submitting sooner though – I’d appreciate it!

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Based on my experience, publishing an app on PlayStore is really easy, but i see that for iOS is a little more tricky and expensive.
I’m also working on a Big Adalo Project and I’m in your same situation, but i guess going for a closed beta is the best choice to fully test your app (on both ios and Android)

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Wow, beautiful app, idea, and a design! Good luck with your app :slight_smile:

Good to know. I’ll post an update once I’ve gone through the process. If anyone else has information on best practices re: deploying to the App Store / Google Play Store, let me know!

Great job, nice design, please have a look for this app and give me a feedback https://app.society-int.sit, available in play store as well, will be available soon in iOS,

Hi, I just tried the app.
Looks good.
But how do I delete my account?

Delete account option is not there. you can goto profile section and logout.

Hi @firozkhan.06 thanks for checking out weekly! I still need to implement a way to delete your account within the app, but if you shoot me a DM with the registered email, I’ll go ahead and delete it for you. Thanks again for the feedback.

I registered using this email:

Please delete the account.

I should have also contacted them in the app or by email.

The reasons why I’m deleting my account are:
I don’t use it much.
My friends don’t use this app.
I’m not sure how this works.

Firoz Khan - @firozkhan.06

Hi @firozkhan.06 – thanks again. I’ve deleted your account.

Very curious–how’d you get your app’s front page to look like that? More specifically, how did you curve your header to appear like this:

Super cool! As far as the quote, does it change automatically or do you manually change it yourself when you get the chance. If it’s automatic, how?

Great continuity in terms of design. Definitely one of my favorites built via Adalo!

@corywynn also wondering how to do this. Looks very easy but when you actually do it in the editor it’s really hard.

I feel like it’s an image? :thinking:

That’s what I was thinking too since the entirety of it scrolls along when swiping up/down. I think it’s awesome I’m not the only one puzzled on how to do this, it means the creator did something cool!

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Is good looking design but on large screens is like this

Hi @corywynn I LOVE YOUR APP. I’d love to engage you as a consultant to help with the design of my Adalo fitness app. I sent a message via your Weekly website contact form- can you please email me back?


Hi @c.hris – appreciate the love! Apologies for the delay getting back to you so late. As @James_App_Maker suggested, I’m using a ‘background’ image for the curved area that I’ve placed under the buttons and text I’ve created.

The easiest way that I’ve found for creating this effect is to:

  1. Design the overall background (i.e. the shape, layout, colors, etc.) in your preferred tool (e.g., Photoshop, Figma)
  2. Split the background into discrete images based on where shapes change. For me this is (1) the orange area, (2) the curved section, and (3) the lighter peach area. Since Adalo, will auto-resize backgrounds, think about where the section shifts need to occur to accommodate your content.
  3. Decide what content (e.g., text, images) and/or functions (buttons) will sit within each of the distinct sections and then layer them on top of the correct background image
  4. Build, test, and refine (wish I could offer some more insightful tips here :slight_smile:)

Hopefully this helps! If you decide to build something similar, I’d love to check it out.

For the quote, it will eventually change daily – I’m working on this right now in Integromat, but for now, users can manually change the quotation by clicking on the quotes icon right above the quotation itself.

Thanks for pointing this out, @Eugen. Do you mind sharing what type of device / screen size you’re viewing it on so I can make sure I get it resolved? I’d appreciate it. Thanks again!