Introducing TOWO - social media app

Hello! I just finished another application in Adalo. The TOWO application is a social network, with a very attractive design. The application is made for sale, we will not publish it anywhere, except preview for potential buyers.

Some functions of the application are set to see that they work. For example: privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc. They have a link to an external site owned by our company.

Now, let me tell you some interesting things about the application. First of all, the application has a unique, special design that has been worked on a lot. The development of this application was a pleasure for me. Also, if you access the application several times before registering, you will notice that the welcome screen page has a background that is selected randomly (3 colors chosen by me). The application registration steps are created manually. The text input for choosing the username will not allow you to choose an already used username. Also, the image of the post is a custom component just like the one on instagram. Specifically, a “Heart” animation appears on the double-tap, and notifications are created. There is also the function to connect your social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok). You can see all the other functions of the application while using it. I would be very happy to offer you such a wonderful application, which I worked on with so much pleasure.



Wow man, this is the most beautiful app i ever seen on Adalo. Also, I’m in love with the custom nav bar you built. The whole app is nice, congrats and good luck with it!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like that. I hope everyone creates beautiful apps!

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looks good! going to share this next on my weekly adalo news thread

Looks pretty awesome, nice touches and look. The only thing I would suggest adding at this point is a clickable follow/followers page list so we can see that in more detail.

Well done!

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I will do that. Thank you for advice!