Introducing: What should we read today?

Hi all!

Several colleagues asked me to share with them the best articles I’ve read on some topics.

I thought it makes sense that when you want to do research on something specific, it’s hard to get the best articles.

So, why not curate them together? :man_shrugging:

I’m just building a small webapp, where users can discover todays best readings and also navigate to find the top readings about any topic.

You can think of “to read today” as the producthunt of the articles.

I know, I know it’s very simple :smile: Just an idea, but I would love to get feedback from you guys: bugs, ux, ideas, anything is welcome !

pd. As you can see, there are only a few articles shared. That is why I have not made a split the home between today and before that already.

Thank you so much!

:point_right: ToReadToday

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Amazing idea! I really like it…

Thank you!

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and he said: “What’s really hard, is to know how to consume the content (what to read first, what to read last). The roadmap.”

I’ll work this weekend on this concept.

Keep doing an amazing job!