Favourite News & Articles and Display them together in a news screen

Hi guys,

So I’ve been working on a new news app for a niche domain. I managed to setup the News screen & Articles screen.

These are both 2 different screens that display different lists inside the app.

Each item in the list takes the user to a new screen to read part of the article.

What I now want to do but really can’t manage although some of the tutorials I’ve seen are in that direction, is to give the logged out user the posibility to mark independent News & Articles as favourites.

They have a tab in the Menu called “Favourites” where I would like to display all the news & articles that they have saved. Doesn’t matter if they are combined or in 2 sections, but I would like them displayed in there.

How can I do this?



I dont know if be possible a logged out user choose a favorite.

Becasuse when you make a favorite system you link User to element inside a collection.

For example

You have a Books collection, inside you have a relationship property whit Users.

Whe X user click in favorite in one book, run a action for add the logged user to Book collection.

But if you dont identify a user whit a account you dont have any way for link to a book and Adalo understand X user add to favorite a specific book.

I hope you understand my da English :rofl:

Hi Maxogias. Yes, I understand da English :smile:

Anyway, I was hoping saving the articles would happen via the app itself and save them via Cache or something if possible. :slight_smile:

This is because I understood that getting the apps approved on iOS App Store with login should come with more features rather than just saving something to your account.

Hey Cristian

Did you use an Adalo template for the news app?


Hi Melissa, haven’t found any template for news app already done on Adalo.

I build it by myself.

If it exists, please share. I might find the solution to my favourites problem.


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