iOS build not publishing

Hello, I’ve deleted the distribution certificates as per adalo’s support but this issue is not solved. I’m still facing error logs with same reason? what’s wrong?
Is this. what we are paying $50 Pro Plan for?

now new issue says reset your development certificate, with?

how to fix this pls help as its super urgent
I need a concrete solution, KINDLY FIX THIS AS I HAVE TO LAUNCH APP THIS WEEKEND & HAVE BEEN STRUGGING WITH THIS PAST 1O DAYS. look at my deleted distribution certificates

Can you please share a screen print of “Profiles” and “Keys” from your Apple developer platform and the IOS Export Settings from the Publish Adalo section. The number of “Distribution” certificates is limited but you have only “Development” certificates at the moment as I can see from your screen print.

Hey @RonDeveloper,
here are all the things you require.
screen Prints of Profile, Keys & Certificate from my developer account & iOS settings from adalo build.



Everything seems to be OK. As I understand correctly, you manually deleted a “Distribution” type certificate from your developer account. That’s why there is no “Distribution” certificate at the moment?

Just to be sure there is the same bundle id “com.myleoapp.ios” under the Adalo publish → IOS App → Settings → Bundle ID?

Have you ever successfully built an iOS app with Adalo using your settings? Because the format of your bundle ID is not common. Normally it should be → com.yourcompany.myleoapp

@RonDeveloper Yes I have manually revoked the Distribution certificate.

This is my first app, I have successfully published in in google play store but iOS is pending.

What must be put in “company name” username or app name or adalo or my email name? I’m not understanding what must be put in company name.

Can you give me some example of what a right bundle id must be in adalo?

thank you so much for helping me sir

A usable name would be in your example: com.gada.myleoapp and for a new next app com.gada.mynextappname

And IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to put the same bundle identifyer into the IOS Export Settings from the Publish Adalo section.

Are you working on a MAC or PC?

Okay @RonDeveloper noted, I’ll immediately do that.
I’m using Windows at present.

Thankyou so much again, I’ll update you with my progress with the app

Hey @RonDeveloper Sir I implemented every instruction now I’m prompted with this, how do I solve it? I can’t understand this error pls help me sir

Are you only using components from the Adalo Marketplace or private components, too?
Try to generate the IOS app over the day several times and see if the error goes away. It can happen from time to time Adalo bings an error like this and 2 hours later the error is gone away.

@RonDeveloper I’m using components from adalo market place only, no private components.

Sure,as you said I’ll meep trying every hour of the day.

Thankyou so much, you are very helpful, I’m grateful with all my heart.With regards to updates about my app,illkeep you posted.

Hey @RonDeveloper
Look at this new error found. I have no idea how to solve this, I would love if you have a solution for me.

feels like adalo has set this up to hide their malfunctioning.

Can you please copy and paste the complete error log so I can take a look.

Other users seems to have same issues: Ios build error : Adalo malfunctioning - Get Help - Adalo

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