iOS App Build Failed

Hi. Anyone have the same experience like this?

All my iOS testflight builds failed since yesterday. I contacted support, when they tried, it was successful. When I tried doing it, fails every time.

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All your Apple credentials are correct ?

Specially your Package name (com.xx.yyy) and your App-password

Yes. All credentials are correct. I managed to do 4 builds yesterday. But starting from build 5 - 9 all failed.

Then adalo support tried doing build number 10, it was successful.

Then after that, everything failed.

The error log was: “Error uploading ipa file”

it’s very strange. And I notice now that since 2 hours my app still Queued ( iOS build )

i checked Adalo Status but it seems all work correctly

I am having the same problem now. All IOS builds failed but Android is ok. 2 days ago IOS was fine…

I am having the same problem.

The odd thing is that I had 1 iOS build go through successfully today. I caught a bug in Test Flight, fixed it immediately, and then ~1 hour later Adalo started failing all of my subsequent iOS builds.

We’ll have to wait for support team to resolve this. Might be Apple API problem here as they stated in this report.

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This still down for everyone?

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Yep. Worse timing.

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Still down for me.

Really wish Adalo would proactively send email updates regarding these sort of issues.

I am left guessing if the problem has been fixed and subsequently waste my time as I periodically try rebuilds.

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Bookmark this (as mentioned above) and you’ll know for next time

You can sign up for email alerts at the status page. This issue isn’t affecting me because I’m not at publishing stage yet, but I’ve gotten 3 email updates on it so I’m right up to speed :+1:

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Hi support

Adlai status says all operational but my TestFlight builds are still failing. is this still down?


Mine still fails as well. Tried 5 times already, fails every time.


Still failing on my side!

Happy to report my first successful build for a few days!

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Whoop, happy to report my build was just successful

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Build just failed, is it broken again?? :sob:

I did two that went through this afternoon EST

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My iOS builds are failing currently. Will try again later.