iOS Launch Screen

The iOS Build requires placing a Lauch Screen Graphic. I’ve tried several configurations but when running on the physical device the splash appears in a smaller size and just flashes quickly on the screen. I haven’t found any tutorial that shows how to configure the Launch Screen on iOS. I am attaching the build configuration screen and a video with the problem. Can you help me?

Hi! Did you find a solution for this? I’m experiencing the same issue

Actually this is really the way it’s supposed to work. There’s not really a way to customize the launch screen within Adalo specifically aside from uploading a graphic and changing the background color in the build settings. Doing anything else would really require a custom coded app perhaps.

One thing you can do though is make the splash screen look exactly the same as the launch screen, then you can control what happens after that. You actually see this frequently on some apps where there is a slight “snap” between the launch graphic and the loading screen once the app is loaded and running.

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