Application not start with splash screen

When I open the application don’t showing the splash screen. Directly open/shifted to the HOME screen.

Is there any options to control the animation time for Splash screen?

And also have any option to set progress bar in splash screen?

I couldn’t find anything like above.

Need help please.

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Hi @ahmedferdaus, are you using a web app, pwa, or native mobile app?

@Ben It’s native and currently testing on adalo preview

@Ben, How can I put a welcome screen for my application? or does this function not exist in Adalo? I am testing on my build apk.

@Cacoreasa @ahmedferdaus ,

  1. Go to your screens.
  2. Click on the screen that you want to start with (Welcome screen).
  3. On the screen name, click on the pencil icon.
  4. For screen navigation type select “Welcome Screen”.

Hi Ahmed!

Did you manage to get the spash screen sorted? Having the same issue here…