IOS numeric keypad

Guys, I need some help.
In my apps, there is a Price field, where when the iOS user is going to put the price of the given product, he cannot use the comma “,”, the keyboard does not accept.

On Android, the comma “,” is also not accepted, but there is a dot on the android keyboard. " which replaces very well.

That is, the Android user can put a value of 30.50
The iOS user is unable to place.
Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Below is a print below to illustrate what I reported.

My Video

This may be a problem on our side, I will have to see how to reproduce this and then ask the development team about it.

Hi Colin, how are you?

Do you have a deadline for this return?
I need to deliver a project (2 applications) by tomorrow.

If this is not resolved by tomorrow, do you suggest any other way to resolve this issue?

Thanks for listening

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