Numbers stored with commas.. is anyone out there?

Hi I have an issue where the numbers displayed in my app have commas and sometimes the last digit doesnt get pasted. I NEEED these commas removed and for the numbers to show as normal numbers. not everything thats a number needs commas!!!

i have been waiting for a couple weeks and have no response. PLease someone help me for the love of God.


Hi David,

I would appreciate it if you took some screenshots or a video so we can see what you’re talking about.

For me the numbers in the database are showing up fine.

Make sure you’re making the number format “none”.

Hey thanks so much for responding. I have some screenshots here:
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 6.59.05 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 6.59.17 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 6.59.45 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 6.59.51 PM

How are you getting to that screen? I do not have an option to format the numbers in the database. Please show me :slight_smile:

Again thank you for responding.

I made a video to show you:

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wow thank you so much! maybe this will solve my problem!

I just applied the settings i will test it now!

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