iOS Rejections -- IAP Component

Hello! I’m receiving apple rejections related to the IAP component:

— Message —
We still discovered one or more bugs in your app.

  • Specifically, after tapping the Buy Now button the app loaded indefinitely. Please review the details below and complete the next steps.

Review device details:

  • Device type: iPhone
  • OS version: iOS 14.7.1
    — Message End —

Has anyone had this issue? I’m not sure what I can do about this.

Thank you!

Hi @inyang - have you tested the app yourself on an iPhone? The behaviour may be different that in the preview in Adalo.

Hi @berwickgeek, thanks for the reply!

I have tested it on my iPhone. It was working smoothly the whole way through. I found that I could get the indefinite load on the app button if I go into airplane mode at just the right time.

That being said, through normal use, there were no issues – the “buy now” button load animation would play until the purchase was confirmed, then everything continued as planned.

After updating to the newest iOS (14.7.1), I found that the payment confirmation takes longer than before, but it still goes through OK.

Do you have any thoughts or leads on this?

Thank you!!

Hmm - ok - I haven’t implemented IAP in my app (yet) in Adalo. I’ve done it in an app I built using flutter last year and it was accepted so I’m hoping it will be ok in Adalo. Sorry I can’t offer any other advice. You could perhaps try submitting again and it may have been a momentary lapse in performance at the time they tested it?

Thanks for providing input! I’ve tried twice and was rejected each time.

Will continue looking for solutions, also welcoming advice from anyone handling IAPs in their iOS apps right now! :eyes:

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