Problem with consumable In App Purchase

Hey guys,

I’m having some trouble getting the adalo in-app purchase configurations to work.

As you can see below, the product ID for my apple IAP corresponds to the settings in adalo.

But when I try it out in testflight, it gives me an error message. The native apple purchase popup isn’t triggering when I press the button on the native app.

It’s supposed to send me to a confirmation screen. (I have that correctly set up).

Any help is appreciated.

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Currently I face the same problem. Anyway, I plan to publish the app in the App-Store, because I hope that the issue is that IAP is not yet approved by Apple moderation.

Hey man, I think I kinda figured it out.

So basically before you can test IAP, you have to sign an agreement with Apple and provide your bank account details

Back then I thought that IAP will only work tested successfully if they are approved in the App Store Connect. But Apple sent me this

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