IP address restriction for enhanced security

I would like to make an application developed in Adalo work only under a specific IP address environment, is there any way to do this? The specific IP addresses will be multiple ones. Please give me some advice on how to achieve this.

@knight has a component to retrieve IP info

You can use that to get the ip address and filter certain people. Depending on thebuse case, the regex component might be useful for “or” logic


Thank you for answering TKOTC san,
What I would like to achieve is to develop an application in Adalo that can only be used in a specific global IP address environment. Specifically, it is an application that can only be used by the crew aboard a particular ship, and only works within the communication environment of that ship. If the crew disembark from the ship, the crew will no longer be able to use it. Would this be possible by using the IP info component?

At least 50 alarm bells just went off in my head. I need to know more specifics to the application. My default is whatever you are building, STOP. Why? My company works military contracts. I have literally built inter-ship communications, I have hacked Maersk ships. Don’t no-code solutions for military or freight. If your plan is not this continue, if it is military of freight, MVP without restrictions under the promise to hire me, or people like me to build it.

To answer the question, yes, this component will do this. BUT, this will not guarentee this as a real security feature. If their app is for a 20 person lunch cruise where they can only order ham and cheese sandwiches if they are on board the ship this will work.

If this is for a cargo/military ship, hire real developers.


Thank you very much for your kind advice. The app is not used for cruise ships, but for large cargo ships like those operated by Maersk. The app I’m developing is a kind of know-how sharing platform for the crew, but I could clearly understand that full-scale development should not be done with no code. We would like to limit the use of this app to crew members on board the ship, so that they cannot access the information shared by the app while disembarking. I would like to check if the following authentication method can handle boarding and disembarking without stress with no code. I would appreciate it if you could advise me if I can try this process with Adalo.

  1. Once on board and connected to the designated IP address, the QR code will be readable. (Confirm embarkation)
  2. Scan the QR code on the ship, and the login screen will appear. (Confirm crew.)
  3. After logging in, the screen to change the registration information will appear.
  4. Change the ship name to the ship you boarded and update the information.
  5. You will be able to use the application as a crew member.
  6. If there is no connection to the specified IP address for two days, it will be considered as disembarkation and will be processed automatically.

Hi @Masakazu,

Just in case - Adalo app requires live internet connection to work. So Adalo apps won’t work somewhere in the middle of Atlantic, unless someone’s willing to pay for satellite connection.

Also, based on my previous experience in IT security - I’d 200% agree with Steven @TKOTC.

Best regards, Victor.


Hi Victor san,
All of our ships are under satellite communication contract, and we have an open LAN for the crew, so we plan to connect to that to run the app. The application developed with Adalo is only used as an MVP for PoC. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Masakazu Anan

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