Is Adalo down? Forbidden error

I’m trying to add to my collections and I keep getting an error that says “Forbidden” when I save. Thoughts? Is Adalo currently down?

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Everything is working fine on my end.

You can monitor the status of Adalo here:

Initially, are you on the free plan, and if so, have you reached the “200 Records Per App” limit?

I’m not on the free plan. I have the intro plan. Here’s a screenshot. It happens on every one of my collections.

yes it seems to be down, I cannot delete or add any record to database on any of my apps :scream:
I just went live on my main app few days ago and now it is not working, @Adalo_CXTeam @adalojosh anyone please pay attention, I have opened a ticket already
@Flawless I am on paid plan and didnt exceed the data size limit and getting errors

same problem here!!!

Same with me - have the same problem for about an hour.
I’m also on a paid plan - cannot update my list…

I can confirm that some of my apps have the same errors.

Will escalate internally.



Dang, yup, now it’s happening to me too.

it is not working from Editor, API or from native mobile app
but still working from web apps !

Adalo Dev Team has made some adjustments, should work now.

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Kudos to @Victor for bringing it to the staff’s attention quickly.


Thank you so much @Victor, it works now! :handshake:

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yes its working again thanks :heart_eyes: