Iv'e lost a customer today

Hello, my PWA doesn’t save the updates I do in it. It only changes in the preview mode! I have a domain connected to it and the changes does not appear in it no matter what I do. Today I’ve lost a customer because it couldn’t wait for the update he needed. I’m with this problem since mid November and it was not fixed yet? Really?

Will adalo pay me back for the money I’ve lost? I’m from Brazil, do you have any idea on how the dollar is expensive here? The 50$ plan is equivalent to more than 300R$ Reais.

I pay to use a service and provide solutions for my customers. I suggest you do the same.

I’m very disappointed with this RIDICULOUS bug.


Have you submitted the bug to Adalo via the new form? https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket

Even I am facing the same issue. My changes do not reflect in the web version

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