Is iOS Builder Stuck?

I had a build complete (0.82 is in Testflight) and the list of builds did not update and now 2 are stuck in there. Maybe the builder is behind or something is stuck?


stuck for me too. this is pretty common on weekends. its been doing it for 2 months now. it will go tho you don’t need to keep sending it!

I am just worried it thinks that 0.82 didn’t finish but my TestFlight app says it did, so it won’t start the others… Hopefully it gets resolved.

Edit: Builds completed but the interface says they are still in the ‘Queue’, odd.

Could you try refreshing the editor page to see if it still says it is in the queue? I would like to submit it as a bug if that is not the case.

The Builder did eventually compile all my builds… however, the list didn’t update. So there is a small bug there…


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