iOS build queued for hours, days - AGAIN

Hi, I’m experiencing (again) problems to generate my app to iOS. I tried many times and:
Try 1 - Error
Try 2 - Error
Try 3 - Queued (since 4 days ago)
Try 4 - Queued

I have had the same problem on Jan, 11/2021. The Adalo guys have solved the problem but it is now happening again.

Someone with the same problem?

same here but also with android

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Please Submit a Support Ticket and we will get you back on track with these as soon as possible.

Already submitted one . But I’m way past my deadline😅

updating here that it has now went through. also very happy to see that support team is answering tickets much faster.

Hi there, I have the same problem, more than 14 hours… Can I upload another build if I have one queued?

@zacheoe yes I do that when I see the delays

Hi guys. I received an answer for my support ticket. See the answer below:

“We are aware of an issue with the User Interface in which the iOS builds sometimes are “stuck” in building or queued. From our end these apps have compiled successfully, the editor UI will note if the build fails. We ask that you check your TestFlight to see if it has the most recent version available. The team does have plans to improve this as part of a larger project. We recognize the frustration it causes for the short term and appreciate your patience.”

Then I verified the AppStoreConnect and found my versions. Apparently it’s just an error in displaying the correct status of the build in Adalo.

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