Is it possible for user to upload more than one image to blog post?

Hi is it possible to create a way for users to insert images into a blog post throughout the piece. The idea is exactly how it is to start a discussion on this forum? Hope that makes sense.

Yes if you make the post a list of ‘sections’ and a section can either be a paragraph or an image (or both).

Then just display the list of sections, current blog post > sections.

Each section still has an image field, but if no image is uploaded, you can have it so there is nothing displayed (no gap).

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Hi thanks for the response. How do I find sections, is it a component?

‘sections’ is just an example name I made up for the database collection you need to make. So a blog post is composed of sections (or whatever you’d like to call this new database collection) via a relationship

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I’m so sorry for sounding dumb lol I have a database made already for the blog posts

What else should I add here?

Adding to @theadaloguy, @pford has made a great video for this.

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Hi Paul,

I’ve made a little video guide here:


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