Need Helps Please - Database structure

Hi Everyone.

I’m very new to Adalo and have been watching as many tutorials as possible but found myself stuck with the below issue.

I have an image blog but want another blog-like system just for videos and another for just audio.

can anyone provide me with some guidance on the database and relationship structure? “If I was able to copy and past the existing database structure it will have been much easier”

Thank you in advance.

Roger Rabbit.

It’s not clear to me what you are trying to achieve.

Could you please paraphrase? And include screenshots or a screen recording (I recommend Loom) to help us visualise.

Hey there @rogerrabbit Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

You need 2 collections: Blog Post and Blog Type.

You can use a one-to-many relationship where a blog post can only have one blog type and a blog type belongs to one blog post. (Here, a post can only have 1 category).


You can use a many-to-many relationship where blog posts can have many blog types and blog types can have many blog posts. (Here, a post can have multiple categories).

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