Is it possible to capture user details when using Apple/Google sign-up/login components?

When using the Apple and Google sign up and login components, is there a way to capture any user identifying information? Like their first name, surname, email address etc?

If not, is there a suggested method of communicating with users post sign-up when using Apple and Google?

How do you know who your users are…??


You could take the user through some onboarding screens and update their user from that info.

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But am I correctly understanding that should a user simply use the Google and Apple login there is no user data/information locally stored?
i.e. I won’t know their first name, or their last? I won’t have their email address, or have any way of communicating with them in the future?

Using the Apple Login, the user can choose to disclose the email address or a private address. Nothing else comes through (at least with Adalo). Note you can still communicate with the user via email using the private address. You need to set your allowed email domains in the Apple settings. Apple will relay the message. Here’s some info:

Apple seems to state that the name passes, but not in my experience.

When a user creates a new account, I have a field in the database called UserType. When they first login, it will be blank, so on my home screen, I have a page that checks for field UserType = Blank and then welcomes the new user and asks them to complete their profile. This page also sets their user type to “User” so now I know they completed this step.


Just to add that the google login gives you firstname, lastname and email address as magictext.


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