Can I get user name when using Sign in with Apple components

some one please help.
I applied to app store using “Sign in with Apple” components but rejected from apple.
apple said

  • Your app requires users to provide their name manually after using Sign in with Apple.

please tell me how to get user name from Apple.
or I cannot get user name.

You will get the email address automatically, you do not need to ask for the email, sort of. Apple SSO does allow the user to not give you their email address during the SSO process, if the user selects this you will not get their email address. The Adalo app and component takes care of the rest.

The way you design this is you have a signup screen and login screen that have the apple SSO button on it. Then set the additional actions after login or signup you create an action to link to home.

I do not know if you have real users, but if you are just testing, delete the entire users table, click the apple SSO button, finish the process, then you will see that you have 1 user in the database instead of 0. The email will be there.


thank you for your replied.
I know we can get email address from Apple SSO.
but Apple said it also needs to get a username automaticaly from Apple SSO.
so I want to how to get user name using “Sign in with Apple”.

Ahh, are you asking the actual name of the user, not the username. If you want username, that is email, if you want the name of the user, it is a sort of bug in Adalo.

So your app does something like

User does Apple SSO, then on the home page you check if the user has a name, if the user does not have a name you tell them they need to enter a name before continuing? You can’t do that, Apple will reject it. You need to ask their name on the profile page and not let them do certain things until it is fixed.

Adalo asks Apple for the name and email address, but it only populates the database with email address. I think they ignore the name because they don’t know where to save it and they don’t ask for configuration details.

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thank you replied.
but I am wondering.
If this is an adalo specification, Apple’s review using “Sign in with Apple” will never pass.
Has anyone avoided it?

Yes we pass. It is how your application handles it.

I would need to see your app to tell exactly what is wrong, but you probably have a step between the Apple signin and using your app. Apple is saying that your app must let a person use it when they log in. You probably prevent a user from using your application after sign-up with Apple. Apple says you must remove whatever extra step you have put in.

thank you for your reply.

“Sign in with Apple” is working.
However, I don’t know how to automatically update the user’s name to the DB.
In the case of “Sign in with Google”, I know that it is possible to input with magic text.
Is there any way for Apple?

You cannot. That is the bug in Adalo. You leave the Name blank or you update the Name to the current logged in users email. Then you let the user change their name from the profile page. Depending on your app you might make a banner at the top of the page with a dismissable button that says You should go to the profile page to update you information.

Your action should look like this, and that is all. Otherwise Apple will not approve you in the store.

The only other option would be to build your own apple login and use the External Users feature in Adalo



oh, I got it.
Are there any plans to fix it in adalo?

I’ve already did it im my App.
I tried changing the method many times.
but apple rejected my App because sould set user name automaticaly from apple profile.
they said always

To resolve this issue, please revise your app so the user is not required to provide additional information or take unnecessary steps after using Sign in with Apple.

I may have misunderstood what you are saying.
you said that at first, I need to link to a screen other than the profile screen.
I will try that way.
thank you very much.

Hi there,

I’ve just tested the Sign-in with Apple and it filled in the Full Name property in Adalo DB automatically.
The sign-in component is set up in a regular way and I did not add any actions to update Logged-in User or something - all happened automatically (iOS native app in Testflight).

@TKOTC could you clarify which bug are you referring to? My app was build 3 weeks ago, did this happen after that?

Best regards, Victor.

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